UNL Ad Campaign / Group E / JOMC 101-002

Group Members: Kaiti Hill, Zach Hammack, Nicole Leafty, Danielle Nelson, Lauren Reams

Client: University of Nebraska–Lincoln, Recreation Center

Target Audience: Current and potential students, and staff members who strive–or want to strive–to be healthier.

Services/Products: Recreation Center, Outdoor Adventures Center, Vine St. & Mable Lee Fields

Campaign Goals & Objectives: Encourage students, staff & faculty to post their healthy habits on social media as a way to promote the UNL Recreation Center, and by extension the University.  We will also post tips on how to be more healthy in effort to promote a better lifestyle.  We will promote a healthy environment in hopes that it attracts other students, faculty & staff who would like to strive to live healthily.

Benefits: Increase the overall well being of students, staff & faculty. Living a healthier lifestyle can increase a students effectiveness and efficiency in and out of the classroom. Physical activity decreases the chance of mood disorders such as depression and anxiety leaving students a greater ability to focus on their education and future. When a student see’s another student living a healthier lifestyle, the hope is that they will want to be more proactive in their fitness and food choices.

Competitors: Other gyms in the Lincoln area who advertise to college students. Other gyms include: Blue Moon Fitness, The YMCA, Gold’s gym, and more. Students may choose to look off campus for a fitness center to avoid the sometimes long waits for workout machines and equipment. Other competitors include other Universities with recreation/gym facilities. The UNL facilities are much more convenient than other facilities off campus. Also, students can use facilities at UNL (like the Rec) for no additional charge because a membership is included in the student fees, making UNL facilities much cheaper than the competitors.

Media Outlets: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram will be the most proactive in attracting students. We can also put up posters in the recreational facilities and around campus. On all of these outlets we can encourage students to tweet/instagram pictures and use certain hashtags to demonstrate their health conscious actions. The Twitter/Facebook/Instagram accounts will  retweet/share their favorite posts with other students, faculty, future Huskers, and the Lincoln community. We can also team-up with admissions and other university members, such as Chancellor Perlman to encourage incoming students to want to be healthy and use the Rec Center and other university fields. Admissions can also send emails & mail-out advertisements from our campaign.

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