JOMC 101-002 Course Reflection: Final Words

This course opened my eyes to how fascinating the journalism industry really is, as well as all the work that goes into it.  I especially enjoyed learning about its rich history.  While I will retain the study and practice of this field as a hobby, I am grateful for all that I learned.

Regarding the future of the industry, it should come as no surprise to anyone that we’ll likely continue moving to streamed programming.  News is so readily available online, I imagine more and more people will disregard broadcast programs in favor of online ready-to-watch programs  I don’t believe that we’ll ever rely solely on such, however, but to keep up traditional broadcasting companies will have to evolve.  Commercial breaks–and seasonal breaks, for that matter–run far too long.  With Netflix and Hulu releasing full seasons of a variety of series, “bingeing” a show has become common practice.  Broadcast television shows run entirely too slow by comparison, simply because of the tooth-pulling speed at which some of these shows go.

It has been a pleasure learning more about the journalism field this semester.  I look forward to continued study.

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