App Design: SAFECAR / Group X / JOMC 101-002

Group Members: Kaiti Hill, Logan Hendricks, Naixuan Zhao, Miranda Rivera, and Nicole Leafty

Description/Perceived Need: Ever have one of those days when you spend hours shopping at your nearest mall or make a trip to the grocery store and come to realize you have absolutely no clue where you ended up parking your car ? Well have no need to stress and spend hours scanning the parking lot aisle because we have created a new app called SafeCar . The app SafeCar is like no other app currently on the market at the moment in which we don’t just help you find your car ; we unlock your car , start your car , and sound the alarm . If this isn’t enough to immediately buy the app we are proud to announce that we have partnered up with Allstate Insurance to allow users to file an accident and report a claim right from the app . SafeCar is the premier innovator in smart driving and safety for our users . This is the one app that everyone should download because it not only helps you find your car in a timely matter but most importantly keeps the driver safe at all times by being just a click away . The app ultimately takes away the need to even carry car keys since you have everything you need to operate a vehicle in the center of your mobile device .

How it Works: When users download SafeCar App they will go through a series of questions asking the user what type of car they have , the license plate number , the color , and the year . Once the car is registered in the apps database then a screen will appear in which will connect the car via bluetooth to the app and if the user has an older model of a particular car that doesn’t come with bluetooth , a small tracking device will be sent to the user to attach to the dashboard of the vehicle in order to receive a connection to the app in place of bluetooth . Once the bluetooth or tracker has been connected a picture of the car will appear on the screen and then allow you to scroll down to click which feature you would like to use : unlocking the car , sounding the alarm , starting the car , filing a claim , and filing an accident .

Target Audience: All ages from 16+ who drive and/or who own a moving vehicle.

Advertising Partners: Our advertising partners could include car companies/lots, as well as insurance companies/agents. Further, anyone with a large parking lot, or entities with nearby neighborhood parking could partner with us for advertising purposes.

Competitors: ParkMe Parking, Find My Way Back, Find My Car Smarter

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